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Pond & Lake Aeration

The key to a healthy pond or lake in the Vancouver-Clark County-WA is oxygen. Pond and lake aerators are the perfect solution for ponds or lakes with no natural water flow. Stagnate water can quickly start to grow algae, muck, and attract mosquitoes.

Lake aerators and fountains agitate the water adding beneficial oxygen to the water and moving water reducing the number of mosquitoes.

Paradise Falls Ponds offers installation and variety of fountains and lake aerators in Vancouver-Clark County-WA and surrounding areasContact us to get a quote.

No matter what the cause of low oxygen in your pond, adding diffused oxygen to the water column is the permanent solution to increased water circulation, preventing stagnant-thermally stratified water,  and reduced muck; creating a healthy, balanced pond ecosystem.

There is no one size fits all solution for pond and lake aeration. The size, water flow, wildlife, climate, construction, and condition all play a part to in your ponds health and aeration needs. Paradise Falls Ponds carries a wide variety of pond aerators to fit the needs of our Vancouver-Clark County-WA area customers and our expertise can take the guess work out of the equation.

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